We are MYKAD and Smart Card specialist company. Our main focus is working with companies that are developing application which needs to integrate with MYKAD. We specialize in quickly and professionally getting your application integrated. From Hospital and Clinic Systems, Time Attendance, Visitor Management, Loyalty Card, Driving School, Seminar and Graduation Systems and most popular Hotel Systems. We can take your software to success!

Our MYKAD SDK and MYKAD SDK - BIOMETRICS will be maintained and recompiled to handle new MYKAD Reader. You do not have to worry. We have the source code and we will continue to support you. This is the main criteria before getting your MYKAD READER or MYKAD SDK. Make sure they know what they are selling and have the capability to flow with the current technology.


GOOD NEWS! OPENWEB MYKAD SDK is ready for web developer. Currently for UNLIMITED only. OPENWEB MYKAD SDK is a software development kit for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Now you can develop a web page and call MYKAD Information automatically.

Sample OPENWEB MYKAD SDK. Contact us for detail: Click here. MYKADPRO Windows Services Required.



We are committed and experienced developers for the MYKAD and Smart Card application development. Have more than 10 years experience in application development and have been developed hundreds of high quality applications. If you need any kind of MYKAD and Smart Card solutions, you are in the right place. If your company is in software development business, you are still in the right place. MYKADPRO SOLUTIONS Development provides high-quality solutions for both direct customers and development companies.

Our VALUE ADDED is our Development and Implementation Support! We will guide you and make sure your applications run successfully. Plus we support MYKAD for WEB DEVELOPMENT (IE Only!)

You don't have to worry about Technical Support! We own the source code and we know how.

If you need our ready made application we do offer MYKADCapture for simple MYKAD Information display and mySTAFF for staff MYKAD Information display and Thumbprint verification. Our software currently widely used by various security companies and government agencies nationwide.

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We are experienced developers for MYKAD and smart card based solutions. The SDK and applications developed using Microsoft .NET Technology with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. With .NET Framework keep updating and following the Operating System upgrade, you will not having installation problem.

vstudio msnet

Technology NEWS

Your current MYKAD Reader driver's will soon get updated and might impact your application. You might be facing problems where your MYKAD reader will not be recognized by the operating system, not stable and application crash. This will happen to all Smartcard readers in the market. Contact your supplier or developer for latest update or get ready for it!

The coming technology will be called USB CCID: Chip/Smart Card Interface Devices. Completely PLUG n PLAY!

The USB CCID class driver reduces the need for hardware vendors to create a device-specific driver for smart card readers. Eliminating the need for a device-specific driver will potentially reduce the driver development cost, improve driver and system stability, reduce time to market, and lead to a simplified plug and play experience for customers using devices compliant with the USB Chip/Smart Card Interface Devices (CCID) Specification.

Client Testimonials

"Best services ever! I'd be lost without your company. Your company was great to work with and we look forward to dealing with you in the future."

"I would recommend your great services to anyone. I appreciate all your help and your passion for MYKAD and Smart Card application development."

"After trying a few MYKAD SDK, you are the cheapest and easiest to integrate."

"Frust with other providers. 1. No FREE software download to test 2. SDK spesific to a Smart Card Reader 3. Difficult to implement (MYKADPro just copy to a folder and run)"

"MYKADCapture the FASTEST and EASIEST to implement. Thank you for FREE customization."

"FT SCR301. USB based, cheap and easy to install."

"I like send user profile to my email feature. Now my email server will be my customers database. I can email them directly."

"Suitable for KIOSK base system with minor changes on the user interface and screen resolution."

Our Clients

The following are some of our clients among hundreds of them.
PMCARE ANG SYSTEMS and many more...


How do we support our customers

With our high-end network bandwidth, we could easily remote to your PC and help you to fix the problem. Base on our track record, standard Operating System with updated .NET Framework should be easily implemented our MYKAD SDK. Download Team Viewer for remote support.


Contact Us

Do not hesitate to contact us mykadpro@onlineapp.com.my if you have any questions.

How to Purchase

1. Click here. Request for quotation first.
2. Make payment. Cheque or Online Payment to MYKADPRO SOLUTIONS: 564418705741 (MAYBANK)
3. Email payment receipt to mykadpro@onlineapp.com.my
4. Package will be delivered via POS LAJU.
5. For COD click here for locatation.

Note: We have fully automated system from QUOTATION > INVOICE > PAYMENT RECEIPT. You will have your User ID and Password in your PAYMENT RECEIPT Email.




  • Windows 98
  • Windows Me
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10


  • MS Visual Basic 6
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Delphi
  • Foxpro
  • PHP
  • ASP .NET
  • Web Programming


For Developers only!

Our MYKAD SDK mainly use to read MYKAD info. Suitable for desktop and web development. 32 or 64 bits environment.

MYKAD SDK is like standard windows DLL suitable for programming language such as Delphi, FoxPro, C/C++, VB6, .NET, ASP/ASPX and PHP.

MYKAD SDK is the most cost effective for your application development.


MYKAD SDK-BIOMETRICS is capable to verify thumbprint with MYKAD and suitable for security purpose. This would cost you more than basic MYKAD SDK but still good for you to start with.


Cost effective!

FT SCR301 smart card reader is designed for various usages of smart card applications and applied to any computer with an available standard USB port.

A built-in dual-colour LED indicator provides comprehensive messages to users for status indication. The slim shape makes it easy to carry and plug without additional spaces requirement to your desktop.


Ready to use application!

MYKADCapture is a flexible application where MYKAD information captured can be used for many purposes. What's so special about this? This application developed by taking advantage of multi-threading where multiple processes run concurrently and making your application runs SUPER FAST. MYKAD SDK embedded and image load from Database for best performance.


Staff Verification with Biometrics

Government requested Security Company to verify their staff identity using MYKAD and Thumbprints. We will make your job easier. With our software you are able to verify STAFF, MYKAD and his/her Thumbprints.

You could save or print for signature and record.